Deep Learning


Access to GiiLD Groups and "Experts" from GiiLD

For those who want full power of GiiLD, our Deep Learning (DL) platform is perfect.  Within the DL platform you get access to GiiLD Groups and the GiiLD Experts.  GiiLD Groups are great for cohorts and classrooms - or groups as small as two who want to learn together.  DL is perfect for life-long learners or those are a bit stuck - either on a challenging project or a GiiLD Challenge. 

Benefits of DL

Access to the Experts

GiiLD's Expert Forum is a place where some of the brightest minds go to help others. Whether you are in a "learn" mode or in the middle of a project, connect with others who can help you advance your objectives.

GiiLD Groups

GiiLD Groups are invite only and allow for selected users to learn together. Whether you are a team of individual learners, a collection of students, or an enterprise, GiiLD Groups allow you to create private challenges and private pathways.

Future Feature - Graph Search!

The GiiLD team is currently developing Graph Search, a powerful spin on traditional search. Our Graph Search will combine traditional algorithmic search with suggestion-based search into a more visual graph to show results.  Note: this feature is not currently available.

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Those who get the most out of GiiLD are those who put in the most.  As you contribute more and more, you will grow your credibility as a user.  Become a Key Contributor!


Explore & Search

Use Pathways, reach out to Mentors and Key Contributors ("experts"), or even get help creating a personalized Challenge that is perfect for you or your cohort.

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Join a Group

Create or join a GiiLD group to promote the type of learning you enjoy!



Explain your challenge

GiiLD Mentors and Key Contributors want to help.  What is your current challenge?

How does it work

Our Learning Programs

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If you like FREE and good challenge, L2L is for you.

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Accelerated Learning




If you want to learn something FAST, AL is the path for you

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Deep Learning




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