Accelerated Learning


Follow the pathways of others

Our Accelerated Learning platform (AL) allows you to leverage the learning "pathways" of others in order to complete a Challenge. If someone did this Challenge before, why not see what they did to complete it? What resources did the use? What tricks did they learn? Seeing the pathways of others can help you figure out where to go next. You still get to choose your own steps, but by seeing the steps of others you can speed up your learning process. 

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Benefits of AL

Learn From Others

Each Accelerated Learning pathway is a comprehensive log of someone's journey through a Challenge. You can learn a lot by following someone else's path.

Faster is Better

Sometimes learning can't wait. Sometimes you simply need to learn something quickly. GiiLD's Accelerated Learning platform will help you learn FAST!

Personalize... for others

Even with the help of other people's Pathways, you are still creating your own personalized path. The Accelerated Learning (AL) environment is designed to speed up your learning. But it is still your own. And keep in mind, There are future learners out there who will use your pathway.

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How does it work

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Choose a Challenge

GiiLD Challenges provide a personalized, safe place to LEARN the skills you want.


"Pin" a Pathway


GiiLD Pathways are the complete log of other learners. Pick a Pathway of someone who most closely resembles your level of skill and learning style.



Jump Around

At any time of your learning process you can explore different Pathways. GiiLD allows for total personalization of your learning. You always have the safety of the knowledge base available to you. Heck, leave the Pathways altogether and go it alone if you want!




Share your code and Pathway with 

others. You will upload a final version of your code and finish documenting your pathway.

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Try our Deep Learning Program

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