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Welcome to poqet ai

Smaller Models. Tiny Datasets.

Understanding models is hard. Visualization can help you understand and improve your machine learning models. Why are the predictions wrong and what's causing it. 

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poqet ai

Visualize Your Models.

poqet ai is a tool that helps you build better models trained on small datasets. With poqet ai there's no need for large computing power because you can build accurate models on just your mac. With poqet ai you can visualize your model, edit/adjust weights directly, and improve accuracy.​

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Benefits of DL

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poqet ai (in beta)

Beyond Data.

We need your help to test poqet ai! Your feedback is important to us and to ensuring poqet ai is the best it can be! Sign up today to become a beta tester.

Key Features!

  • Visualize My Models

  • Debug Weights

  • Visualize the layer activations

  • Improve datasets

  • IDE/Code Generation

  • Prune models

  • Interpretability


Better. Faster. Cheaper

Yes! You can have it all:

  • Better. Generalized models that do what you say they do.

  • Faster. Bring models from start to finish in record time.

  • Cheaper. Use less data, less processing time and less money.


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