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Welcome to poqet ai

Smaller Models. Tiny Datasets.

Understanding models is hard. Visualization can help you understand and improve your machine learning models. Why are the predictions wrong and what's causing it. 

poqet ai Lite Features

Visualize Your Models.

  • Training Accuracy & Loss graphs

  • View Test & Training prediction for each Epoch

  • View prediction accuracy and calculate generalization score

  • Search & Sort prediction results for each epoch

  • Its FREE!

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Benefits of DL


Access to the Experts

GiiLD's Experts love to learn and love to help other learn. Whether you are in a "learn" mode or in the middle of a project, connect with others who can help you advance your objectives.


GiiLD Groups

GiiLD Groups allow for selected users to learn together while a designated leader/administrator oversees their work. GiiLD Group dashboards give real-time feedback on the progress of each learner to that leader.


Future Feature - Graph Search!

The GiiLD team is currently developing Graph Search, a powerful spin on traditional search. Our Graph Search will combine traditional algorithmic search with suggestion-based search into a more visual graph to show results.  Note: this feature is not currently available.

poqet ai (in beta)

Beyond Data.


Key Features!

  • Visualize My Models

  • Debug Weights

  • Visualize the layer activations

  • Improve datasets

  • IDE/Code Generation

  • Prune models

  • Interpretability

Become a Beta Tester for poqet ai!

We need testers!

We are looking for active Computer Vision ML engineers to test our latest versions of poqet ai. Deliver better models using tiny datasets. Register to apply!

Better. Faster. Cheaper

Yes! You can have it all:

  • Better. Generalized models that do what you say they do.

  • Faster. Bring models from start to finish in record time.

  • Cheaper. Use less data, less processing time and less money.

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