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Enterprise Learning (EL)

Access to GiiLD Groups and "Experts" from GiiLD

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Key Features!

  • GiiLD Groups that allow for dashboard-level oversight and reporting of cohorts of people. Great for:

    • Teachers with classes​

    • Co-ops with Virtual Teams

    • Enterprises with staff in need of upskilling

    • Enterprises with retention issues related to current state technology versus "cool tech"

  • Access to GiiLD Experts and Mentors:

    • Designing custom curriculum for Robotics, Programming, Gaming, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing and legacy IT department maintenance and support.

    • Creating custom, personalized Challenges​

    • Mentoring learners

    • Code reviews

    • Assessment and "grading" of progress

For those who want full power of GiiLD, our Enterprise Learning (EL) platform is perfect.  Within the EL platform you get access to GiiLD Groups and the GiiLD Experts.  GiiLD Groups are great for cohorts and classrooms where there is someone who has oversight and needs information as it pertains to the progression of the learning.


EL is also great for parents who have a gifted, motivated student who would like expert level code reviews, assessment/grading, and directional advice on being prepared for higher education and the workforce.   

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Benefits of DL


Access to the Experts

GiiLD's Experts love to learn and love to help other learn. Whether you are in a "learn" mode or in the middle of a project, connect with others who can help you advance your objectives.


GiiLD Groups

GiiLD Groups allow for selected users to learn together while a designated leader/administrator oversees their work. GiiLD Group dashboards give real-time feedback on the progress of each learner to that leader.


Future Feature - Graph Search!

The GiiLD team is currently developing Graph Search, a powerful spin on traditional search. Our Graph Search will combine traditional algorithmic search with suggestion-based search into a more visual graph to show results.  Note: this feature is not currently available.

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I definitely want this! How do I get it?


GiiLD Groups is fairly straightforward. Register to the right and start using the feature. With your access, you can invite as many users as you want into as many groups as you want. Good luck!


If you are interested in access to GiiLD's Experts, please fill out the form below. The services can range widely and we want to be sure you get the best possible service relative to this benefit.

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