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"With GiiLD we have been able source better candidates, quickly enable existing staff, and promote internal resources properly.  Furthermore, GiiLD's Dev Ops approach to enablement has accelerated our resource development to the point where we look forward to people hitting the bench."

- Dan, VP of Operations @ US Consulting Company

For our Enterprise Customers...

GiiLD offers advanced features for our enterprise customers.  Enterprises can create private pathways (and challenges), leverage GiiLD Mentors, and fully explore the GiiLD Knowledge Base with advance analytics tools.  Enterprises can build custom Challenges that are closed to people outside their walls and determine which Pathways are visible to internal learners. GiiLD Groups of internal resources can be formed that can be leveraged for code reviews, dev ops simulations, and learning teams.  GiiLD will work with your teams to create "retention" Challenges based on cutting edge IT concepts like Machine Learning and Cloud Computing that double as growth vehicles in tools and skills relevant to your company's day to day needs.  GiiLD will customize the learning environment for YOUR company, while maintaining the personalization needed for the learners to really LEARN. 

Key features


Access to Mentors during the L2L phases.


Ability to create Private Enterprise Chanlleges


Create custom, cutting-edge Challenges to help with retention.

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