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What is GiiLD

GiiLD isn’t like other training platforms where you click from screen to screen with the goal of passing a small exam. In GiiLD there are no structured modules or tests. There are no stages or certifications. Instead, you are thrown directly into a project. You don't train; you learn - on your own, personalized path. The GiiLD learning platform is with you the entire way providing a learning safety-net. It tracks your progress, suggests relevant material, and engages the learning neurons in your brain by encouraging you to explore on your own. By the time you finish your challenges, you will have swapped "training" for LEARNING. Welcome to GiiLD.

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Click HERE to listen to Zeke tell about his Challenge - The Virtual Breathalyzer.  GiiLD partnered with the largest consulting firm in the midwest for a summer internship, project-based, learning initiative. One word: amazing!

Don't take "courses"

Do Challenges!

No more courses!  GiiLD uses Challenges as a way to engage each learner.  The more personalized the learning environment, the more engaged the learner.  It is for this reason that GiiLD has replaced "canned" courses with personalized Challenges; and, thus, training for learning.

GiiLD users, Key Contributors, and GiiLD Mentors create challenges. This means that you can create your own Challenge or leverage an existing Challenge.  A good Challenge will draw you in emotionally and will have a few initial tasks to get you started.  But then you are on your own to complete the Challenge - no predetermined path or tasks.  You figure it out. 


Challenges can be taken with or without Pathways.  A Pathway is the journey of another learner through the same Challenge. Following someone's Pathway can speed up your learning. If you’re interested in learning FASTER, be sure to sign up for the Accelerated Learning (AL) subscription where you have access to ALL Pathways. Otherwise, use our FREE Learn to Learn (L2L) offering which gives you full access to every Challenge and a related Forum.  You will learn more in one GiiLD Challenge than any amount of classic courses.  Don't train; Learn!

Andrew's personalized Challenge!









Create a simple 2D game for the browser that is capable of head-to-head play.


Click HERE to see the results.


Also, log in to GiiLD to see Andrew's Pathway for this Challenge and learn from the steps he took!


How to Use GiiLD

It's YOUR Path!

Learn to Learn (L2L) is different from typical training platforms. The steps aren’t laid out for you. Instead, you’re encouraged to explore and wrestle with things. We want you to engage your passions to analyze and problem solve. If we just gave you the steps to complete the task you wouldn't learn as much. GiiLD's L2L platform is supposed to be challenging. It is designed to help you really learn.

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Bookmark your Resources

In order to complete your course, you’ll want to read and watch things. GiiLD is powered by content created by the community.  Maybe a website has information that helps you understand something. Maybe you watch youtube videos that help explain things. Content that helps you LEARN something can come in many forms. We're talking articles, forum, blogs - even comments. As you learn and bookmark those helpful artifacts, your pathway will continue to grow.

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Journaling - YOUR story about learning

Writing a journal while you’re learning helps you learn, improves your communication skills and helps others learn! Sharing your story creates your personal reference library and it will be relevant to future leaners. Journaling also helps you articulate your thoughts, organize your bookmarks, and ponder the next steps as you complete your Challenge.

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Content that is Current, Relevant

Since others have taken Challenges in GiiLD - and have bookmarked, liked, and commented - many of these helpful artifacts are readily available in the GiiLD. GiiLD will organize potential bookmarks from past learners and suggest specific artifacts that could help.

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The Power of Pathways - Accelerated Learning (AL)

To speed things up, we offer to show you completed pathways for past learners.  Pathways allow for the acceleration of the learning process.  See how others accomplished the challenge and other possible solutions!

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Your Pathway might be someone's AL

And when you are done, you will have created a Pathway. Because not only did you finish the Challenge, you also created a pathway -  YOUR pathway - that someone else might want to use. Someone who's personal learning style and level of experience closely match yours.

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Leverage Groups and Experts with Deep Learning (DL)

GiiLD offers access to GiiLD Groups in our Deep Learning (DL) product.  Mentors and Key Contributors are active in the Groups and in the Forum.  The "experts" can be leveraged for any project or learning initiative.  Groups are great for those who want to collaborate and learn in a team or class environment.  The Group administrator can invite participants and track progress of each learning in their Challenges.  

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