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"I love to learn, but I hate training.  GiiLD allowed me to up-skill in a way that fully engaged my heart and mind."

- Jane, Sr. Programmer @ Fortune 1000 Company

Welcome to GiiLD Contest!

Every month the GiiLD community will promote our new GiiLD Challenges. These are virgin courses created by GiiLD Mentors.There are no Pathways. Just you and the Knowledge Base (and Google!) working to build an app. Good Luck!

Compete for these categories

First to Complete

Best Pathway

New Content Creator

Best Final Product

Past Winners. Congrats everyone!

Asset 1_2x.png

First to Complete

Asset 2_2x.png

Best Pathway

Asset 3_2x.png

New content creator

Asset 4_2x.png

Best Final Product

Asset 8_2x.png


Congrats! Your code was uploaded and you had a complete Pathway in only 9 days. Impressive. 

Asset 6_2x.png


Great Pathway Carla! Great documentation and you found new content!

Asset 7_2x.png


Hey everyone, check out Martin's app. Incredibly

clean code with lots of logging built-in

Asset 5_2x.png

Tarl Warwick

The new video you found (or created) for 

Angular was super helpful and has already been 

leveraged by 34 learnings (and counting)!

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